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Do you want a sugar cube? I mean it’s supposed to be for the horses, but who cares about them right? They got years to eat sugar…

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"Harry Wormwood had unintentionally given his daughter the first practical advice she could use. He had meant to say, "When a child is bad." Instead he said, "When a person is bad", and thereby introduced a revolutionary idea: that children could punish their parents. Only when they deserved it, of course."

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come with me

and you’ll be

in a world

of image

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after i die i’ll probably still complain

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"When I was younger it really sucked, because I think a lot of the other characters were fan favourites. When you’re 13 and you don’t really understand the business and your best friend is getting a lot of love and you’re getting a lot of hate… well, it was difficult. I don’t know, I just kind of make Sansa my own, and I hope people understand her. That’s what I want – I want understanding rather than whether they like her or they hate her." — Sophie Turner for YOU Mag (2014) [x]

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"I did know Rue.”

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peeta’s alive, and a traitor. but at the moment, i don’t care

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Me reblogging this is my contribution to earth day

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Weddings of Westeros

gold | red | purple

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"Since the last games, something is different. I can see it."

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